Monday, 5 May 2014

Cross Stitch Samplers

 Finished my monochrome sampler, it was the quickest piece I have ever done probably because there were no colour changes although I did use 10 skeins of DMC 5200 which is quite a lot of thread. 
 I really love samplers but I realised I only work them about once every ten years.  The one above is my first piece of cross stitch ever, (about 20 years old). I had previously worked needlepoint from printed canvases so wasn't sure what to do when I opened the kit and found a plain piece of fabric!  I worked it out eventually although I didn't know at the time you had to keep the stitches in the same direction.  
Then this sampler was worked around 1999/2000 to celebrate the millennium.  It is still one of my favourite pieces, I love all the events it commemorates.
I must not leave it another 10 years before I stitch another sampler.
Wilberforce is totally unimpressed