Tuesday, 19 March 2013

If you want to get ahead.....

get a hat (groan), couldn't resist that.    Hats are essential wear in this part of the world.  If you are not wearing one when the wind whips off the North Sea your hair ends up looking like a haystack in a high wind.  I have just finished these two.  The top one is crocheted with a knitted band.  The pattern is available to buy as a download from Interweave's website.

This one is crocheted Bruges lace, the pattern is in Interweave's crochet accessories book I got for Christmas.  Wilberforce does not look very impressed with it.

It was John's birthday last week and I bought him a sweatshirt and then needlefelted it with this fish motif.  He had seen it in one of my craft books previously and said he would like it.  The black labrador card is 3D decoupage although you can't tell from this photo.
 I have managed to do a bit of sewing recently - this credit/loyalty card pattern was free online from warehousefabrics inc.  and for the lining I used some pink fabric leftover from yet another hat I made. 

I have stitched another fashion sketch from "Fashions of Yesterday and Today" but my camera went doolally yesterday so I haven't been able to take a picture.  I did finish this black labrador kit from Heritage Crafts which has been on the frame for a while.  It really reminds me of our darling Sidney, so lifelike.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Great British Bark Off

No, I didn't misspell the heading, in the current issue of Wag there is a recipe for doggie cupcakes taken from a new book called Dinner for Dogs by Henrietta Morrison.  They looked simple enough for even me to make so I thought I would try them for "the boys"

Here is the recipe, I substituted minced pork for the lamb and added 2 eggs as the mixture looked a little dry with just one.

Here is Wilberforce waiting for them to finish cooking.

The finished result.
Mmmm, delicious
I tried to photograph Higgins eating his but he always runs to another part of the house to eat in private, probably to stop Wilberforce taking it from him!
* * * * *
On ther crafting front I am still working on cross stitched designs from my Veronique Enginger book.
This designs, my third, is called The Crazy Years 1925 and I have now started on a fourth design from the same book.