Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hundreds of crochet flowers

Can't believe what a long time it is since I last blogged but with the sun shining and so much to do in the house and garden there has been little time for crafting.

In the evenings I sometimes crochet a few flowers and have now decided my flower throw is big enough.  I have not counted how many flowers I've made but it must be a few hundred and as I used 4 ply wool and a 2.50mm hook the flowers are quite small.

I used the JAYGO (Join as you go) method to make this so once it was finished, it was finished and no ghastly joining up to be done so in that respect it was brilliant.

 Ruff the dog
I have a huge basket of small cross stitch kits which have been knocking about for years so last week I decided to sort through them. I have given a lot to my local Wet Nose charity shop and have started working some of the ones I kept.  I have done the two above so far and figure they will make usful card toppers as and when I need a greeting card in a hurry.
I didn't want to throw this old bread bin away so got John to put a few holes in the bottom for me and used it for some bedding plants.  I think it makes a great recycled planter and is one less item going to landfill.
Higgins just loves to be in photographs and it is often difficult to keep him out.  I just managed to get one photo of my throw before he popped up again, he is such a comical little chap.