Monday, 20 May 2013

Wilberforce in the Wars

 Poor old Wilberforce is not a happy bunny, he has been wearing this buster collar for almost two weeks because of eye problems.  The vet is not sure if it is an infection or he has hay fever.  He is taking antibiotics and eye drops and having his eyes bathed twice a day but he keeps rubbing the area until it bleeds so he has to wear the buster collar until it clears up.
 Higgins is keeping well, here he is reclining on his favourite sofa...
I have been busy, as usual with my crafts.  I signed up for a patchwork quilt course and have almost finished the first four squares, have a big piece of cross stitch on the go which I haven't photographed yet and have finished another crochet blanket for our local dog shelter.

I love Wagamama and used to go there once a week.  I don't get into the city much these days so I bought a copy of their recipe books and thought I would try recreating them at home.
We tried the Chicken cilli men yesterday. I am not much of a cook, in fact I am pretty rubbish but with John's help in preparartion it actually tasted really good. Want to try a few more from here now.

Monday, 13 May 2013

To Jessie love Arthur

I have wanted to scrap these WWI pictures for some time so the Scrap 365 May Challenge seemed the ideal opportunity and  I had already knitted the poppies for it.

The left hand picture was taken in France hence the Eiffel Tower picture and French postage stamp.  In the vellum envelope is a scan of an original silk postcard and message.  I have several of those he sent and they are in good condition considering they are almost 100 years old!

I cannot image what it must have felt like - they were in the rifle brigade - spending 4 years in a trench and knowing they could be killed at any time.  Or what their wives and children must have felt when they read about the huge numbers of casualties each day.

Luckily he survived, or I would not be here today.  Makes you think, doesn't it?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Back in Business

Don't know where the last few weeks have gone but at least the summer seems to have finally arrived.  I now have a new camera, my old one which had been chewed, dropped and generally abused finally gave up the ghost.  The old one was about 10 years old and although I hate learning to use new gadgets I must admit my photos are much improved as you can see by these two examples, above and below.

My sewing room (above) is the fourth design I have worked from my Veronique Enginger book. I am taking a break from this book now and want to work a few things a little bit different.
This cross stitch Atelier sign is for the door of my sewing/craft room.  I tried out some fabric oddments, ribbons and other craft bits and bobs from my stash before deciding how to finish it.
Here is the finished sign...... 
I just need to fix it onto the door now.
I fell in love with a Sue Hawkins meadow flowers biscornu design with stumpwork poppy in a copy of Stitch magazine last year.
I bought the materials pack direct from Sue which uses Oliver Twists spun silk.
I haven't done any embroidery for a long time so I really enjoyed making this.  The poppy and leaf is in stumpwork which I have only done once before. 
Here is the finished biscornu......
My sewing machine has not been idle and I run up this little linen bolero jacket from Simplicity pattern no 1984.
Amongst my current projects is a piece of filet thread crochet worked on a size 1.50mm crochet hook!  It looks like an old rag at the moment but am hoping once it is finished and blocked it will look o.k., fingers crossed.