Friday, 28 June 2013

Scrap 365 July Challenge: Twenty's Girls

As soon as I saw the July challenge in my copy of Scrap 365 magazine I knew exactly what photographs and papers I wanted to use.  I wish it was always that easy.  The photographs are of my grandmother's family taken in the 1920's and the papers are mostly from papermania's Art Deco range.  I included a few bits from my stash including a scrap of black lace I knew would come in useful eventually! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

This and that

I seem to be doing a bit of everything at the moment, hopping from craft to craft but I have managed a few finishes.
I am still going through an embroidery phase and this is the first of four designs in a kit I have had for about twenty years!  It came as a free gift when I joined a book/craft club.  Here are the other three designs:
I have now blocked the filet crochet piece I was working on.
I was going to buy a blocking kit but at 25 quid, including a yardstick (which I already have) I thought that a bit steep. So I bought a pack of welding rods for 2 pounds and using my cutting board with a sheet of plastic over, pinned it to size whilst damp, using the grid. Once dry I gave it a couple of burst of spray starch and voila...
The finished panel.
The March panel from my block of the month course is now completed.  I am not sure about the outer fabrics.  The centre is o.k. but I may redo the lilac/pink and blue section or else add some embroidery as I am not entirely happy with it.  I will leave it for now and have a think when a few more are finished.
 I am still working my way through the Wagamama cook book, I think this, the Teriyaki stir-fry is the best so far.  As with the other recipes I subsituted the chicken for Quorn.
I have just started knitted a dog, I think it is obvious what breed, ha ha.  It looks a little weird at the moment but will hopefully have it finished next time.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer is Here!

Can't believe summer is finally here after such a long hard winter.  I have slapped the fake tan onto my pasty pins and am making the most of the outdoors before it all ends.  The summer is so short if you don't get out there, like that Boots commercial, you will miss it.

Although I have not been using my computer I have still been crafting.  I'm doing a block of the month course with Craftsy as I have always wanted to make a quilt but joined late so I have only managed the January and February blocks so far.  I hope to catch up eventually.

I have finished the large cross stitch project I was working on - a map of Norfolk by Heritage Crafts.  This is the fourth of these maps I have worked, not sure where the other three went to, will have to try and dig them out although I haven't seen them since we moved house.
I have been in an embroidery mood lately and just finished Cornfield with Poppies by Rowandean.  It had been in my stash for several years so thought it was about time.
Saw this hydrangeas kit in my local craft shop and decided to give  it a go. Only took a couple of nights.  It is by DMC.
Then I found this flower basket kit which was given away with the now defunct Needlecraft magazine
 I have found four embroidery kits that have been in my stash for about 20 years!  I have started working one of these now.
 We are still trying out the recipes from our Wagamama recipe book and here is the Chicken Ramen.  Very tasty.  Because I don't eat meat I always substitute chicken in recipes for Quorn fillets. As you can see it looks just the same and tastes good too. 
Wilberforce's eyes have now cleared up and his buster collar, much to his relief, has been removed.  Here is a picture of him and Higgins playing in the paddock yesterday.  We have booked Wilbsy in at the grooming parlour as he is looking so scruffy - we had to leave it until his eyes were better.
Have fun and enjoy the summer.