Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lavender Sachets

I have already shown quite a few of my lavender sachets here as I have them all over my house - hanging from door handles and shelves and tucked into cupboards. Here are a few more:-
The Scotties and Westies design is by Textile Heritage, a Scottish company who have some fabulous traditional cross stitch kits for sale, as well as more modern designs in the last few years.
The second heart I made using a scrap of vintage fabric and lace and the third by sewing the sides of a vintage doily, filling with wadding and lavender flowers and adding a ribbon hanger and ribbon roses.
I usually buy locally grown (Norfolk) lavender to fill my sachets but this year I planted my own in two stone planters I have outside my back door. Since I took this photograph in April they have grown quite a lot so hopefully I will soon have my own supply of lavender flowers to use.


  1. I'd love info on that top project. I pet sit for a Scottie and would love to make that for the owners.

  2. Beautiful your laveder sacs !! i like them all..that hart is so nice !!! happy evening...........enjoy !! hugs from me ria,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Aww the scoties are so cute. I love all 3 of them so beautiful

  4. I'll bet your little lavender sachets smell so nice, Shirley. Our lavender plants have died out this year so I need to replace them soon. I really like your little scottie ornament--always reminds me of my aunt and uncle who raised scotties their entire lives.

  5. Hi Shirley
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I am flattered to have a blog long friend and it's nice to come and visit you too. I was going to ask you about the fantastic avatar you have, but then reading on I see it is one of your own dogs, Wilberforce. He looks amazing, so very cute. He could be a model for CK looking like that. He would give Stanley a run for his money. We are not doggy folk but there are just some breeds that seem to really appeal. But I musn't leave out your other three who all are very photogenic!
    You are a very busy person I can see so I will be back to keep checking up.
    Jenny x