Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wallace and Grommit

I have mentioned before that I love Wallace and Gromit and have all their adventures on video and dvd. So it is not surprising that they occasionally crop up in my craft projects. After I won a Wallace toy on one of those fairground crane games I decided to knit Grommit to keep him company. The pattern was in a back issue of Woman's Weekly magazine.

I have already shown my DS case which I knitted earlier this year. The pattern was in the January 2010 issue of Simply Knitting magazine and I knitted him with oddments from my stash and lined it with a scrap of pink check cotton.

All the Wallace and Grommit cross stitch pictures I made some years ago but as I am trying to photograph and record all my work over the years, here they are.


  1. Ohhh Yaaaay! I adore Wallace and Grommit! The funniest things ever! Great job on all the stitching pieces and I can't believe the Grommit you made, what talent!

  2. How cute Wallace and Grommit are! You do such awesome work!

  3. Owwwww..again all so beautiful maked !! i love it......wishing you a happy evening Ria....

  4. That was so nice of you to knit Grommit to keep Wallace company, Shirley! You are very creative! I loved seeing your entire Wallace and Grommit stitching collection...

  5. It has been a some time ago I visited your blog last time.
    So much pretty things to see..
    your scrapbookings are cute and the Village Lane stitching is fabolous!!
    Just a month for stitching it is a amazing result!!
    It really is a beautiful work -a piece of art!!

  6. such a clever pinkie, you never stop, do you?!
    Love, INKY and MOLLY