Monday, 6 September 2010

The Needlewoman, Some Cards and a Bargain

Finished "The Needlewoman" - this was a very quick stitch. Although the chart was quite poor quality, I love the design from Holbein Embroideries and I substituted the Aida for 28 count Zweigart Jazzlyn in dusky pink which I think suits the dark brown and metallic thread very well.

Also a few cards which I stitch between larger projects, so I always have something ready to send when a birthday crops up.

While out shopping today I went into a charity/thrift shop and found this lovely Candamar Sunflower kit for just 2.69 GB pounds so I just had to buy it. Don't you just love to find a bargain.?


  1. Yes it is a bargain !! and a lovely one...your cards are nice again !!! happy Ria....

  2. these are lovely cards, you must have a lot of patience...
    Our pinkie loves the op-shops, too. She wouldn't shop anywhere else and it seems the pet store and every now and then the supermarket is the only stores she would go to...

  3. The cards are just beautiful and we love the sunflowers. They're such cheerful flowers!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Wow--your new sunflower kit is lovely, Shirley. And what a bargain! I guess it is obvious from my blog that I love sunflowers, isn't it :)

    How nice of you to send your friends and family members stitched cards! I'm sure they really appreciate your work. And your Needlewoman looks very pretty in pink...

  5. Hello Shirley!
    Your Needlewoman is so beautiful I just love it!
    You have been really busy with your stitched cards,the one with teddy and flowers is my favourite one.
    I also stitch some smaller projects between the more bigger ones-I need to see something finished !
    What a lovely pillow with all those sun-flowers on it.

  6. All is stitching is gorgeous and I love the cards. What a beautiful sunflower kit.