Thursday, 4 November 2010

Airedales on the March

Sunday was the autumn walk of the East Anglian Airedale Terrier Club. Here we are gathering in the car park before setting off on our walk through Thorndon Woods Country Park in Suffolk. Normally there are also other breeds, owners second dogs, but this time there was only Higgins who really stood out and a tiny Welsh Terrier (fourth from right), who is really just like an Airedale in a convenient, easy to use size!

The walk was longer than we have done before (about four miles) so we were all tired on the way back and the boys fell asleep on the car ride home.

The pictures look a little dull but it was actually quite a warm day for the time of year. Don't suppose that will last for long though and I have knitted two lace stitch scarves for when it turns a little chillier. The pink one is from a free pattern on the Knitting Daily website. The flower has a brooch pin on the back so it can be worn separarely.

The other is a vintage pattern from my collection and I have used a variegated mohair yarn.


  1. Oh those scarves are just beautiful! I esepcially like the pink one. :)

    Love the photos of all the pups. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. Your scarves are just beautiful!
    We just had our Airedale walk this past weekend. It's great chatting about Airedales for 3 hours!

  3. Your scarves are lovely, Shirley. And what a sight to see the photos or all those Airedales in one spot with the sheep grazing in the background! I love them :) It must be nice to share the walk with others who share your love for the breed.

  4. The scarves are beautiful & the dogs look like they had a great time!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Nice to see many Airedales in same picture,I am sure you had the great time..
    Oh ,you knit and stitch too.
    You are very talented!

  6. There is an East Anglian ADT club!!!!! WE recently moved into this area and would love to know more.

    Please could you email us and tell us all about it please. We love making new pals.

    Molly and Monty Airedales and Taffy Welsh Terrier