Saturday, 26 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award & A Monthly Make

Yippee, the dogs and I are celebrating, we have just won the Stylish Blogger Award all the way from Pam in Chile. Thank you Pam, you can find her blog here

With this award I should share seven random things about myself, so here goes:

1. I always wear heels - I do not feel right wearing flats. I own one pair of flats (walking boots) bought for walking the dogs but I can count on one hand the number of times I have worn them.

2. I have over 7,000 books in my house - We are both obsessed with books: buying, selling, reading and collecting them. They are slowly taking over the house!

3. I am a Londoner - Although I live in the middle of the Norfolk countryside now, I was born and grew up in Greater London. I always wanted to move to the countryside and now I have, I would never go back.

4. I am very indecisive - I take ages to make up my mind about absolutely everything from where to go on holiday to which clothes to buy and then still wonder if I should have taken the other option, LOL.

5. I have always been untidy - I just can't help making a mess wherever I go. John is just as untidy as me so when visitors are due we go into a mad frenzy of cleaning, tidying and vacuuming.

6. I am a rubbish cook - I will sometimes see a recipe in a magazine and it will turn out o.k. but on a day to day basis I just can't be bothered. I once put two Quorn fillets in the microwave and they came out like shoe leather. Even the dogs would not touch them.

7. I am obsessed with crafts - I have tried almost every craft going and those I haven't, I have probably got the equipment for, waiting to be used sometime in the future. I wish I could stick to just one craft but find it is impossible.

I should nominate other bloggers to receive this award but I just cannot choose any particular blogs, well I did say I was indecisive, so I am giving it to every one of my followers who have supported and given me encouragement since I started my blog. You all deserve an award.


Now for my monthly make. Just this afternoon I have put the finishing touches to this heart cushion.

I drew a heart shape onto a piece of linen, reinforced the shape on the back where the buttons would be with iron on interfacing and spent an evening stitching them all on.
I already had piping cord which I covered with toning fabric and some backing fabric into which I inserted a lapped zip, instead of the button closings I usually use, then sewed the whole thing together. The only thing I had to buy was a bag of Woodware buttons from ebay as I didn't have enough red ones in my stash.

Thank you The Felt Fairy for hosting A Monthly Make as I don't think I would have finished this by the end of the month otherwise.


  1. I loved reading your factoids! Fantastic!

    Now onto that amazing make = it really has blown me away and I sooooooooo love it! Forgeous buttony gorgeousness!

  2. Congratulations darling with yiur award!! have a nice

  3. What a beautiful cushion Shirley and congratulations on your well deserved award :)

  4. Congratulations on your award. We love your heart cushion. How beautiful it is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Congrats on your award - well deserved!!
    Your cushion is stunning - what a gorgeous item to have in your home - LUSH...!!
    Jo. xx

  6. Your heart pillow is darling, Shirley--what a wonderful idea! I enjoyed reading about you and congratulations on your award :)

  7. The pillow with the button heart is so pretty and I love the backing fabric too.

    So fun to read the facts about you.

    I am a bit messy too,but it has been said that tolerating the mess on your house is a sign of creativity.
    I have so much more better things to do than cleaning(my stitching,for an example),
    and living with two long-haired cats it is impossible to not have cat hair everywhere!!

    Eveen I trye to to vacuum regularly there is still much of soft and long grey/white hair on clothes,on the floor,or even at the food :D