Sunday, 5 May 2013

Back in Business

Don't know where the last few weeks have gone but at least the summer seems to have finally arrived.  I now have a new camera, my old one which had been chewed, dropped and generally abused finally gave up the ghost.  The old one was about 10 years old and although I hate learning to use new gadgets I must admit my photos are much improved as you can see by these two examples, above and below.

My sewing room (above) is the fourth design I have worked from my Veronique Enginger book. I am taking a break from this book now and want to work a few things a little bit different.
This cross stitch Atelier sign is for the door of my sewing/craft room.  I tried out some fabric oddments, ribbons and other craft bits and bobs from my stash before deciding how to finish it.
Here is the finished sign...... 
I just need to fix it onto the door now.
I fell in love with a Sue Hawkins meadow flowers biscornu design with stumpwork poppy in a copy of Stitch magazine last year.
I bought the materials pack direct from Sue which uses Oliver Twists spun silk.
I haven't done any embroidery for a long time so I really enjoyed making this.  The poppy and leaf is in stumpwork which I have only done once before. 
Here is the finished biscornu......
My sewing machine has not been idle and I run up this little linen bolero jacket from Simplicity pattern no 1984.
Amongst my current projects is a piece of filet thread crochet worked on a size 1.50mm crochet hook!  It looks like an old rag at the moment but am hoping once it is finished and blocked it will look o.k., fingers crossed.


  1. WOW ! You have been busy Shirley. Your Biscornu is so beautiful. I have never tried Stumpwork. Your poppy looks stunning on the Biscouri. Your Crochet looks delicately feminine. I wish I could Crochet and I wish I had a Craft Room to make a door sign for. Take care now. Marion x

  2. Love your poppy! I've never done stumpwork before and I had to google biscornu. Your projects are all so beautiful!

  3. Woww what a beautiful things you always make !! enjoy the week!

  4. Beautiful projects Shirley - you talented lady you. Is there nothing you can't turn your hand to...???
    Love the framed sign for your door - perfect..!!!
    Jo. x

  5. Such great photos with your new camera, Shirley! I love the Atelier sign and how you finished it--just wonderful!!

  6. Your hands have certainly not beed idle Shirley and love your creativity! Great projects....