Monday, 3 February 2014

Stay Cozy and Craft

I am resisting the urge to hibernate, I do not like this time of year, the best thing I can do is stay close to the fire and indulge in some crafting till Spring comes.
I have not been crafting as much as usual recently instead catching up on the huge pile of books and magazines I have beside my armchair and bed.  Over Christmas I knitted these owl fingerless gloves, they are quite a sociable project, ok for knitting and talking at the same time.
Then I decided to knit this cable beret, the pattern was free from the Love Knitting Website and also a crochet collar for Wilberforce which only took about an hour to make. 

Christmas seems ages ago now but I only just downloaded my photos, here are two of the boys enjoying a couple of their presents. 

 During my post Christmas clear up, I came across this fabric I bought last Autumn from a department store in the city.  It is called Terriers and is from Makower.  There are a few different designs but this one has Airedale Terriers on it so I had to buy some.
Have a few projects on the go at the moment but am waiting for the better weather, at these times of year I wish I lived in a hot country - roll on spring.


  1. Love your post !! sweet your dogs like the presents the baret ...lovely done...enjoy the week darling...spring is comming soon i hope...!! x !

  2. What a beautiful collar for you, Wilberforce! Love the owl fingerless gloves! We love seeing your mom's projects!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Love the beret. With your skills, Wilberforce could have a collar for every holiday throughout the year!

  4. Hi Shirley - nice to see you here again & thanks for the comments on my blog. Glad to see the boys enjoyed their Xmas... xx

  5. At least you have some great hobbies to do to keep you entertained during this cold winter, Shirley!! Lovely looking creations :) That fabric is just perfect for you and "the boys!"