Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Airedale Terrier in Stitches

 I finally finished my Airedale Terrier cross stitch I started last year.  There were so many colour changes that it took me ages.  I found the perfect frame in my craft room so it just has to be washed, pressed and framed now.  I love his cute expression.  We both think he looks a lot like our darling Archie.
 Wilberforce has been in the wars yet again with an eye infection and has to wear the "cone of shame" yet again.  With the help of eye drops and antibiotics it has healed quite a lot since I took this photo.  He still has to wear the buster collar except when he is eating or we are with him as he keeps trying to scratch the skin off!
 Higgins is in fine fettle, he never seems to get ill (touch wood) I guess the Welsh Border Collie is a pretty hardy breed.  Here he is enjoying a Jumbone type treat.
 I have finally finished my patchwork squares and have started putting them together.  I am not sure if patchwork is my forte though.  When sewing clothes or home furnishings if a seam is 1/4" bigger in some places it doesn't really matter but with patchwork it means the squares don't line up so you have to be super accurate which I find a bit tedious.  I have got to learn how to quilt it next, with the help of another class so it will be quite a while before I finish it.
My cross stitch sampler is coming along faster than I expected probably because it is in one colour so there is no stopping to rethread and join different colours.
The weather has been so warm and sunny this week, hotter than Spain and Greece so we have been in the mood for spring cleaning.  I started with my craft room and have filled three bags of craft stuff (it is amazing how the trends change) for the Wet Nose animal rescue shop and have been going through my hundreds of craft magazines to see if I can reduce them.

The issues I did not want to keep have gone to my local hospital shop and any with ideas I like I have stuck in this hardback book and then recycled those magazines.  I have a lot more shelf space now.


  1. Owww poor Archie...so sad to see him so......give him a big hug from me......love Ria...x !

  2. Wow! The terrier stitching is incredible, Shirley! I can't imagine doing such an intricate piece--congratulations. Hope Wilberforce feels better very soon :)

  3. We LOVE the Airedale cross stitch. It's just gorgeous! We love seeing everything that you're doing. Mom says that it's most inspiring!
    We're sending you lots of healing vibes, Wilberforce. We hope you feel better soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. I thought you Airedale cross stitch was a photo Shirley. It is BRILLIANT. Poor Wilberforce. I wish him a speedy recovery. Your cross stitch looks lovely. Is it a Scandinavian design ? You have just reminded me that I must thin out my Craft Magazines. Take care now. Marion x

  5. Poor Wilberforce - his eye does look sore..!! Glad to hear he's on the mend. So far - so good with our pup, Buster. He's almost 18 months old now and such a sweetheart.
    Your cross stitch is amazing and the black & white sampler will be fab - looking forward tovseing the finished item.

  6. The Airedale cross stitch is AMAZING! Right down (or is it up?) to the gleam in his eyes. Definitely a work of art to hang on the wall and keep forever.
    Best wishes to Wilberforce to get well soon. He does not look like a happy boy.