Monday, 25 January 2010

Bee Happy and Organised

One of my resolutions this year is to work some of the kits I have had for ages including some of the small cover kits that come with stitching magazines. I have managed to do a couple so far including this one which was free with a back issue of Cross Stitcher magazine.

I like to keep a box of handmade greeting cards for last minute occasions and this will be added to the box. I made my card storage box from an old toiletries container my husband put in the bin. It was a good sturdy box with a magnetic closing lid so I rescued it and gave it a make-over.


Another resolution is to get my stitching supplies organised. My threads are usually kept in an assortments of bags and boxes spread all over the house so I bought 4 storage boxes with adjustable compartments for 2.99 GBP from QD and organised all my threads onto bobbins and sorted them in the boxes by number and brand. It is brilliant to have everything so organised now, the boxes hold about 50% more than large thread boxes and I won't keep buying doubles, which I seem to have done rather a lot. The picture shows my Airedale Terrier, Archie, admiring my handiwork.

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