Tuesday, 2 March 2010

French-style Stitching

I love French style stitching, it is so pretty and stylish. Even when there is an English translation, I prefer to stitch the words in French, as in the first lavender sachet which is a free chart on the blog of Lea here.
The second lavender sachet is made with a chart by French designer, Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier

and the third design of 1950's French ladies was published in The World of Cross Stitching Magazine.


  1. I agree with you on the French stitching, Shirley. I love to visit the French blogs--they are all so lovely to look at!

    Your latest creations are so pretty--congratulations :)

  2. Ohhh I love them all. I think I'm going to have to stitch the first one. Beautiful stitching

  3. There is a website called swappons with a lot of French designs and l'R de rien also.