Tuesday, 23 March 2010

St. Basil's Cathedral

My other half and I holidayed in Russia a while back and visited St Basil's Cathedral. So, when I saw this Heritage Crafts cross stitch kit, I just had to put it on my Christmas list.
I loved working this as it reminded me of our trip. I found Russia a very interesting place to visit. Even though it was quite late in the year, the weather was very mild and I was impressed by all the stunning architecture, especially the art deco underground stations.
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  1. Hello Shirley

    I found your blog to !! he is nice !! lovely doggies !! i will follow you..........enjoy !!

    But will you follow me to i wader that if you do !

    Have a great eve thanks greets Ria

  2. You're very creative. Lovely artworks! Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Shirley--Your Russia stitching is incredible! Did all of the blue drive you crazy? It looks like there are many different shades of blue in the design.

    My sister is headed to Russia for a two-week exchange program this coming June. She is a teacher and will go teach in a Russian school and a Russian teacher will go to her school in Boston. She can hardly wait!

  4. Thank for you visit
    good work
    Hello Cris