Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Victorian and Edwardian

I am in the process of photographing and creating a record of all my finished work so, although I made this Victorian sampler a while ago, it is still one of my favourite projects. I ordered it as a kit from The Royal School of Needlework and the frame came from a company in Kent (can't remember the name) that advertised in the stitching magazines.

I also have a large collection of family photographs, some over 100 years old, that I am slowly (very slowly) scrapbooking. This photograph, from the Edwardian era, was torn and had one corner missing so after repairing it in photoshop, I created this page. I have journalled what I know about this photo inside the envelope but have left space to add more facts if and when I find out.


  1. Beautiful ,embroidery and nice these old pictures !! have a great evening hugs for you and ..........the doggies !! and dudley !! bye...........

  2. Gorgeous stitching. It neat to be able to fix pictures and make a pretty scrapbook page for you and generations that follow.

  3. That is a great idea to start keeping a record of all of your work, Shirley. My blog is my only record and I really would like to have a physical journal of the things I've done so I can reminisce when I'm 95 and too old to stitch anymore!!

    I love your sampler--especially the wee bunny in the front right corner...