Monday, 14 March 2011

The Birthday Boy & Airedale Stitching

It was Archie's birthday on Saturday, he was nine years old, so we had a little party for him. Here he is helping himself to a French Fancy. He didn't realise you are not supposed to eat the paper case too!
He hasn't changed very much over the years and can still behave like a puppy when the mood takes him. I love this photo of him dressed as Jekyll and Hyde for a fun day. I made the costume myself and he was lucky enough to win first prize.

This photo is from a previous birthday, a couple of candles less, which I made into a card for his grandmother's birthday.

I always keep stitching magazines that have Airdale charts in them and I have made these several times for gifts and for myself. For this sachet I charted the heart and alphabet myself and filled it with lavender I grew in my garden last year.

John has been asking for a hand knitted sweater for some time but I've been putting it off (all those stitches) but decided last week to make a start. I am actually quite enjoying it, the stitch pattern and colour changes make it interest even if I am having to use two circular needles to hold all those stitches!


  1. Happy birthday Archie!...I love Airedales. They have so much character (my dogs have always loved the paper cases too...even the most well behaved ones!)
    Susan x

  2. Happy Birthday to a sweet boy!

  3. O so sweet your boy !!! are that real choclates??? and cake????...o my....enjoy his

  4. Happy 9th Birthday, Archie!! He has such personality, Shirley! I love the photo of him as Jekyll and Hyde--your costume is perfect.

    Good luck with your sweater--I have no idea how to knit so I'm sure it will look perfect to me :)

  5. Happy 9th birthday, Archie! You are sure one handsome boy!
    The sachet is so cute and John's sweater is going to be gorgeous!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Happy Birthday Archie..!!
    He certainly is enjoying those french fancies - lol. x

  7. You have been very busy!

    I like so much all your stitchings,the bunnyes,the flowers and of course the Airedale terriers!

    Sunflower Tapestry is awesome,great work!

    Growing your own Lavender sounds so romantic
    sometimes I wish we have just a bit more warmer climate.

  8. Thanks for popping over to my blog recently - it's lovely to find yours! Archie is a gorgeous dog - I love airedales, and your cross stitch one is lovely too! Hope you and Archie are having a great week.
    Helen x

  9. How sweet, he's so gorgeous. Loving your work.

  10. Archie is mega cute and clearly enjoys having his photo taken. Your cross stitch Archie is brilliant Shirley

  11. Oh dear we are a bit late wishing Archie a Happy Birthay. He certainly had a fun day.

    Love all the Airedale sewing, our hooman is hopeless with a needle. :-(

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie