Monday, 18 April 2011

This and that

I seem to have a lot of projects on the go right now - knitting, sewing, cross stitch and crochet but nothing actually finished so here is one, as they say, that I prepared earlier. This Barn Owl is called Night Stalker and is by Karen Couchman stitched on twilight linen.
I have wanted to learn Hairpin crochet for a while so when I found this frame in a second hand shop I snapped it up. I paid 80p for it but when I peeled off the label it said 14 shilling underneath and as decimalisation was in the early 1970s it is pretty old and still in its original packaging. Below is my first attempt, I have made a few more pieces with different decorative spines and found it quite easy to do and very relaxing.
As part of my crochet course I have had to learn and produce samples of Tunisian crochet and broomstick crochet. I am not so keen on the broomstick but the Tunisian, worked on a long crochet hook, produces a knitted effect but at a much faster speed so I would probably use this more whereas the broomstick I could only envisage using for scarves or shawls but it is nice to have learnt them both.
I have mentioned before what a bad cook I am but in an attempt to improve my cooking skills I made Coronation Chicken after seeing an updated recipe in a magazine. It is one of those foods that has gone out of fashion but I love it and I only know one restaurant that serves it now. I made it exactly as the updated recipe but used sultanas instead of grapes, as per the original version. It turned out ok although I have to admit that John helped me by grated the lemon and chopping the spring onions or I probably wouldn't have bothered!
Whilst out shopping today I popped into a second hand shop where I bought these three bags of linens, some printed with embroidery and some plain. I especially like the art deco tea cosy cover in the second picture. Each bag was just 99p so I got the lot for 2.98 pounds, a real bargain.
Finally, as this blog is Crafting with Dogs, I just had to include this cute picture of Higgins sleeping under this furry throw the other day. For a working dog he sure likes his sleep.
Till next time,


  1. What great finds in the charity shop - I love having a nose around them too - you just never know what little gems you can find.....
    Love your owl - you must have a great deal of patients..... I only do little X-stiching pieces - lol.
    Jo. x

  2. Higgins is so so sweet dog !!! that blanket where he lies under!!...lovely week love

  3. We love seeing your work. The Tunisian and broomstick crochet are just beautiful - so is the hairpin. Mom says it looks very complicated to her!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Your Barn Owl is so nice, looks like allot of colour changing. Interesting crochet.
    I love the picture of Higgins to.
    Happy Easter. Julie.C

  5. Wow ! or should I say bow wow :) Lovely work Shirley. You are so multi talented. Your owl is brilliant and your crochet techniques look really lovely. Higgins is so cute bless him

  6. I love your owl cross-stitch. Great crochet and what a great find at the charity shop - just the sort of find I like. Your dog is such a sleepy head reminds me of my greyhound lol!

    Shirl x

  7. The Owl-stitching is awesome ,it must have been a callenge with all those greys and whites on it!
    Well done!

    I really admire your crocheting skilss!

    I think I have "something wrong with my brains" because I really dont have lernt to crochet or knit even I have tryed !! :D

    What a cute picture of the dog sleeping under the blanket.

  8. I can't give comment on your new and Trevor...are very jealous of that egg !!! o my..they enjoy it.......where did you by that ????...happy evening darling...join the wedding