Monday, 17 September 2012

Crochet Finishes and A Knitting Disaster

 I seem to have been crocheting a lot more recently -  I suppose it is because I am a very slow knitter so I can whip up a crochet accessory in one or two evenings whereas with knitting it would probably take me at least a week.
I bought the coat (below) in the M & S sale in January but have not worn it yet so I crocheted these accessories to wear with it this winter.
Talking of knitting, I have had an Aran sweater for John on my needles for months.  I have finished the back but after working half the front I realised I had made a mistake near the bottom.  I could have left it, it was only one stitch wrong but I know it would bug me if I left it so thought I would unravel it row by row down to the offending stitch.
Well, the pattern is so complicated and the stitches twisted and crossed so much that I just cannot get them back on the needles in the right direction so I really have no alternative but to undo it right the way down to the ribbing and start again, eek!  Do you ever have a project that you end up hating?  For me it is this.
I have had more luck with "Hard Frost" and only have a little bit of the sky left so should finish during the next week.  This is the third of Heritage's John Clayton Circles I have worked.  Heritage now have an outlet shop on ebay where I purchased this chart for half price.  They have lots of their discontinued kits, fabric, threads and current products at a much lower price than normal so I have added them to my favourites.

Although I stitched this Airedale Terriers design a while ago I only just got around to having it framed.  I used a new framer as my old one had put their prices up a lot.  However, it stil cost me 52 pound which I thought was a bit excessive considering I just chose a plain mount and frame.  I don't know why they charge so much, it puts me off getting some of my other work framed.  The design is from a company called Faces.  I think they have closed the business now which is a shame as they produced some really lovely designs.


  1. You have been busy producing these wonderful creations Shirley. Have you thought about doing a Picture Framing Course ? A lot of Colleges run them. Our Neighbour Christine did this and now does picture framing at home for herself and others. Take care. Marion x

  2. Your accessories for your new coat are lovely, Shirley--such a pretty shade of green... So sorry about the sweater--I hope you can salvage it!! Your Hard Frost piece is so pretty--lots of work has gone into that one for sure!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. John and I did attend a one day framing course and have all the equipment for framing but it is just a question of time. With the price of framing going up so much recently I think we will have to start making the time to do it ourselves.

  4. Gorgeous accessories & what a lovely colour - I love green myself. The X-stitching is very good too - so neat. I'll have to check out that ebay shop myself.... xx