Thursday, 10 January 2013

New year, new crafts

Can't believe it is 11th January already - what happened to Christmas and the new year?  I didn't have much time for crafting over Christmas but since then have started some new projects and finished off some older ones.  The embroidered brooches above only take about an hour each to make using buttonhole stitch and French knots.  I have found them very addictive.
I have also gone back to needle felting.  I made this butterfly brooch a few months back and had a teddy bears head in my workbox so I decided to make the body and finish it off.  I am still very much a beginner at this craft and it is far from perfect but I am learning with each new project.  I have a felted flower brooch in progress but have to wait for some green wool to arrive as I only have a small selection of colours at the moment and am building up my stash gradually.

Wilberforce and Higgins bought me this gorgeous cross stitch book for Christmas, they have very good taste!  There are about 10 designs in here I would like to make and have made a start on the cover design already.

Talking of "the boys" here there are.  This is the view that faces me when I am sitting in my stitching chair.  Wilberforce likes to lay on the coffee table like one of the Trafalgar Square lions while Higgins prefers to lay on his back on the sofa.  For a working dog he certainly likes his kip!



  1. I saw you had made a comment on Mitch & Molly right above my comment and I thought what a great name for a dog Wilberforce so I came over to visit your blog. Love the butterfly pin!! My Lee loves to do Kanzashi flowers.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Really pretty new crafts for the new year, Shirley! And who knew dogs would have such good taste in cross stitch books :) Love the photo of the tow of them!!

    Wishing you and your family a most happy New Year!

  3. Your embroidered brooches are just beautiful! Needle felting is fun and your butterfly and teddy look wonderful!

  4. Loving the new crafts Shirley - especially the X-stitch. Can't wait to see that finished..!!
    Jo. x