Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Robe de bal (or Prom Dress) finished

I have now finished my Robe de bal design from the book I got for Christmas, I am pleased with the result and have started another from the same book.
The boys have been loving the snow and running around in it at every opportunity. As you can see, it is starting to melt in these photographs and the rain has now washed the rest away.  We were snowed in for a week as we do not have a car at the moment and the nearest shop is five miles away.  Eventually we walked down to the main road and caught a bus to the nearest town once it had cleared a little.
While we were snowed in I got the urge to make some cards, something I have not done for a while.  I won't put all of them on here, too boring, but here is a small selection.



  1. Lovely !!...how are you Shirley ???...love from me Ria...xxx...

  2. We had snow yesterday and when we went out this morning to peepee, it was gone!
    We love seeing what your mom is up to, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Loving you Cross stitch - gorgeous..!!
    Jo. x

  4. What a great finish, Shirley--very fun and unique design! I look forward to seeing your next finish from that book... And your card designs look so pretty, too.

    Glad "the boys" are enjoying their snow time!!! Can't say the same for myself :)

  5. So nice designs. I am too a dog lover. I adopted one eight month ago.
    Greetings from Italy