Wednesday, 19 June 2013

This and that

I seem to be doing a bit of everything at the moment, hopping from craft to craft but I have managed a few finishes.
I am still going through an embroidery phase and this is the first of four designs in a kit I have had for about twenty years!  It came as a free gift when I joined a book/craft club.  Here are the other three designs:
I have now blocked the filet crochet piece I was working on.
I was going to buy a blocking kit but at 25 quid, including a yardstick (which I already have) I thought that a bit steep. So I bought a pack of welding rods for 2 pounds and using my cutting board with a sheet of plastic over, pinned it to size whilst damp, using the grid. Once dry I gave it a couple of burst of spray starch and voila...
The finished panel.
The March panel from my block of the month course is now completed.  I am not sure about the outer fabrics.  The centre is o.k. but I may redo the lilac/pink and blue section or else add some embroidery as I am not entirely happy with it.  I will leave it for now and have a think when a few more are finished.
 I am still working my way through the Wagamama cook book, I think this, the Teriyaki stir-fry is the best so far.  As with the other recipes I subsituted the chicken for Quorn.
I have just started knitted a dog, I think it is obvious what breed, ha ha.  It looks a little weird at the moment but will hopefully have it finished next time.


  1. We can't wait to see the AirePup finished!
    Our mom just loves the embroidered pansies. They're one of her favorite flower!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. You do such an amazing variety of crafty things - I take my hat off to you. All gorgeous too & I'm loving the knitted dog - looking forward to seeing the end result. xx

  3. Really enjoyed seeing so many different crafts today, Shirley--you are so multi-talented :) The embroidered pansies are so pretty--reminds me of a piece I did for my grandmother years and years ago...