Sunday, 27 October 2013

Making and Baking

We have been very busy today bringing in the last of our apples and pears of which we have had a bumper crop this summer.  Tomatoes and blackcurrants have been plentiful too.  We are expecting a bad storm overnight tonight according to the weather forecasts so do not want to lose the last of our crops.
I am always looking for new recipes to try out, if they are good I add them to my cookery book.  I am always tearing recipes out of magazines and this Pear and Lemon Curd Tart is one we enjoyed a lot.
I seem to be spending all my spare time crocheting at the moment but I am signed up for four different crochet courses!  The purple ripple throw was made entirely from yarn left over from other projects.  I had some odd balls of eyelash yarn which are quite tricky to crochet with as you can't see where to put your hook.  I came up with the solution to spray it with Febreze   which made it easier to see where to put the hook and smells nice at the same time.
 I have been learning some more advanced crochet techniques and this cushion is my first attempt at Tunisian crochet.
 This skirt is my first hairpin crochet project.  I bought a white cotton half slip with a ruffle around the bottom and random dyed it with the same colours as the wool using a piece of sponge.  I am really pleased with the result and have worn it a couple of times this summer.  I was thinking of making another thicker underskirt so I can wear it with boots in the winter but that is on my to-do list.  
 I always come back to my cross stitch and this little rose kit was free with a recent issue of Mollie Makes.  Before adding a circle of fabric to the back I put some dried lavender from the garden into it. 
 Turned my back for a while whilst baking and came back in to find Wilberforce innocently looking at me.  However, the flour on his beard gave him away, he had been up on the counter licking the flour!  Luckily everything had been put away, he is a real hooligan sometimes!!


  1. I see you've been busy making some lovely things. What a naughty boy Wilberforce is lol!

  2. Yammie that cake !!! and your sweet doggie !!! from me...x !

  3. You should have waited for the tart, Wilberforce! It sure does look yummy! Your mom makes the most beautiful things ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Your photo of Wilberforce's guilty face made me laugh Shirley. What a brilliant idea to add Lavender to your flower hoop. I really must find a Crochet course. Your purple throw is really lovely. I must remember your Febreze trick when I use up my eyelash Wool. Take care now. Marion x

  5. Lovely purple creations, Shirley, and your skirt is so bright and colorful. I'm sure Wilberforce is one to keep an eye on--he has that gleam of mischief in his eyes :)

  6. Love your crochet - I seem to be doing nothing but hats at the mo.
    Poor Wilberforce - caught red handed... lol.