Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sweet Swingers

This is my latest finish, Sweet Swingers from a knitting pattern by Debi Birkin.  I fell in love with her patterns after seeing them on Ravelry. It only took a few nights and I changed the colours of the right hand budgie so it looks like Dudley.
I have just finished a course on Craftsy on joining and finishing crochet and learnt so much.  This is the class project below. Each segment in the throw was attached using a different stitch and then the whole lot joined together with one ball of yarn so there was only one end to sew in.  Brilliant.  When I think of all the hours I used to spend sewing projects together.  Never again 

When deciding how to join the segments I laid them out first so I achieved the right balance of colour.  Then as I laid it out to photograph, Higgins decided he wanted to Christen it.  I think he approves.

I finished putting my Christmas cuties ornaments together.  This is my least favourite part.  I really struggle to get them looking neat no matter how I try.  These are a bit better than some of my previous efforts but they could still be better.
 With the time for Christmas visitors coming up I will be definitely by making these cheese straws.  The recipe was in the Co-operative Supermarket magazine and they are delicious.
I don't really know why I put them in a tin as they never lasted very long.  We all love cheese in this house, including the boys so they were soon polished off!



  1. The sweet swingers are just adorable!
    We wish we would have seen this cheese straw recipe this morning because mom would have given them a try. Tomorrow, the oven is tied up all day long with the turkey roasting *sigh*

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Oh, I adore the sweet swingers. I used to have a blue budgie and a green budgie. They were wonderful companions.

  3. Such cute projects, Shirley!! The birds are adorable :) a fellow cheese lover, those cheese straws wouldn't last long in my house either!!

    Your ornaments turned out very nice--the more you finish, the easier it will get :)